• Hydrangea 'Marshmallow '® 19cm
  • Hydrangea 'Marshmallow '® 19cm
  • Hydrangea 'Marshmallow '® 19cm
  • Hydrangea 'Marshmallow '®
  • Hydrangea 'Marshmallow '®
  • Hydrangea 'Marshmallow '®

Hydrangea 'Marshmallow '® 19cm

Special Variety

Hydrangea arb. Candybelle® Marshmallow  EU 58377- Ορτανσία


Διάμετρος γλάστρας:19εκ (3lt), Ύψος:55-65εκ.

Μία εντυπωσιακή νέα ποικιλία που συνδέεται στενά με την H. Annabelle.

Πολύ μεγάλα σφαιρικά άνθη σε υπέροχους απαλό-ροζ χρωματισμούς, που αναπτύσσονται πάνω σε ισχυρούς βλαστούς που δε γέρνουν από βροχή και αέρα.

Η ανάπτυξη του φυτού είναι πολύ συμπαγής και με σχηματισμό πολλών βλαστών. Το μέγιστο ύψος του είναι περίπου 80εκ, κάτι που το κάνει ιδανικό και για  μικρούς κήπους και διακοσμητικές γλάστρες.

Τα παλιά άνθη κλαδεύονται την Άνοιξη πάνω από κάποιο ισχυρό οφθαλμό και ταυτόχρονα αφαιρείται όποια αδύνατη βλάστηση.

Ανθεκτική ποικιλία μέχρι -25 ºC. Περίοδος άνθησης: Ιούλιο-Σεπτέμβριο.


A stunning new hydrangea closely related to Hydrangea Annabelle.

Hydrangea Candybelle 'Marshmallow' has the same enormous spherical flowerheads but in a clear bubblegum pink colour, held on strong wiry stems that dont flop they make very good cut flowers if you can bear to pick them.

Like many new and improved plants the growth is bushy and self branching, this new plant will only grow to 80cm making it good in large and small gardens. Like its cousin this is a tough plant that would look just right in most situations whether grown as a shrub or an informal hedge feature.

Hydrangea Candybelle 'Marshmallow' is easy to grow in sun or partial shade, they prefer a rich moisture retaining soil that doesnt dry out too much in Summer, thinnner and lighter soils would benefit from a good amount of organic matter being well mixed in the hole at planting time and these glorious shrubs enjoy a good mulch being applied during Spring to get the best from them, this is especially the case for younger plants.

Prune the old flower heads off in spring, reducing the plants back to a strong bud and removing any weak or crossing stems. 

Candybelle® is hardy to -25 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Large, salmony pink flowers
  2. Sturdy branches
  3. Compact habit
  4. Healthy green foliage


  • Position: Full sun, partial shade.
  • Foliage: Deciduous shrub, leaves drop from the plant in Autumn and fresh new ones emerge in Spring. Soil and site: Any good soil that retains moisture in Summer, Hydrangeas don’t like to be dry.
  • Flowering time: July to September
  • Growth rate: moderate
  • Ultimate height and spread: 80-100cm high x 90cm wide.
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy.
  • Aftercare: Water regularly after planting and for the first season. Prune in Spring.


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