Globee® Pots

Functionality, innovation and simplicity. And that’s why we made Globee so much more than a flowerpot.

Globee is easy to arrange and attach in various ways. So that you can green up your world in a simple, stylish and space-saving way.


Stand: Globee has a flat bottom and can simply be placed in the windowsill or on the table.

Rotate: Another point of view. By turning the top half of Globee, you arrange your plant at an oblique angle.

HangA living work of art. Hang your Globee on the wall in no time. Or even better: green up the entire wall with Globees.

HoverHappy homes. Your Globee is happiest when you hang it from your ceiling. Multiply happiness by pairing it to a fellow Globee (or two)!

Even greener

A positive side effect: With Globee you contribute to a greener world! Globee is made from more sustainable materials. In addition, it is designed in such a way that optimal strength is created with a minimum of material.

For happy plants

Globee makes your plants happier. We have designed it in such a way that your plant feels completely at home. The round shape ensures less evaporation, and the multiple place and mounting options give your plants the perfect place to happily continue growing.