• Sulcorebutia albissima 6.5cm
  • Sulcorebutia albissima 6.5cm

Sulcorebutia albissima 6.5cm

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Sulcorebutia albissima

Οικογένεια: Cactaceae

Διάμετρος γλάστρας:6.5εκ


This plant has a rapid growth, although it never exceeds 10-15 centimeters in height.

It is made up of small spherical bodies, provided with yellow spines arranged in a very orderly way.

It is a typical mountainous plant, which grows well even on the most inaccessible highlands and in harsh conditions.


  • It requires an exposure to full sun, however in the hottest hours it is advisable to place it in shade.
  • It requires mild temperatures, it is advisable to shelter it when winter temperatures drop below 0°C.
  • In hot periods it is advisable to water moderately, on a weekly basis, in winter it is necessary to completely suspend watering, as long as the plant is very sensitive to rotting.
  • A well-draining and mineral-rich soil is an optimal solution. It's even better to add one layer of sand at the bottom of the pot, as it helps to avoid rotting.
  • They do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.


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