• Rubus Navaho® Bigandearly® bio 13cm
  • Rubus Navaho® Bigandearly® bio 13cm
  • Rubus Navaho® Bigandearly® bio 13cm

Rubus Navaho® Bigandearly® bio 13cm

Fruit snacks -15% έως 4 Μαρτίου


Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Βατόμουρο μαύρο.

Γλάστρα:13εκ, Ύψος:40-45εκ.

Rubus Navaho® Bigandearly® 

The first blackberry to ripen in midsummer

Μοναδική ποικιλία χωρίς αγκάθια, που παράγει υγιής και εύγευστους καρπούς.

Έχει όρθια ανάπτυξη και τα κλαδιά του είναι ισχυρά και δε φτάνουν σε μεγάλο μέγεθος. Κάτι που το κάνει ιδανικό για κήπους ή μπαλκόνια. 

Οι καρποί συλλέγονται από τέλος Ιουλίου, όταν τα βατόμουρα έχουν την καλύτερη γεύση!



Rubus Navaho Bigandearly’ is a productive and healthy blackberry variety.

The great advantage of this blackberry is its robust upright growth. The branches do not grow very long and are very sturdy, which makes this blackberry suitable for a small garden or a balcony.

The blackberry bush produces large, juicy deep black blackberries from the end of July onwards. All blackberries like a sunny, light spot and good air- and moisture-permeable soil.

The blackberry bush needs support to grow, so it is useful to tie the stems along a climbing element or mesh. Prune off the branches that have borne fruit this year. This keeps the bush young and provides enough new fruit for the following year. Blackberries contain many minerals and anthocyanins.

Of all fruits, blackberries contain the most vitamin E and they are the richest in calcium, iron and magnesium. These minerals are necessary for our muscles, bones and blood.

Thorns : no thorns
Maturity: Harvest time begins at the beginning of July and ends at the end of July-beginning of August; Of course, Bigandearly blackberries must also be fully ripe and well separated, so that they really taste good
. Fruits: very large, beautifully built, almost twice as large as Original Lubera, wonderfully shiny; despite the size and good firmness of the fruit, it literally melts on the tongue, including the cone, which is sometimes relatively hard and resistant in some other large-fruited varieties Growth
: not a vigorous variety, medium-strong growth, very upright, suitable for upright training on a pole or trellis ( like raspberries); very hardy , little susceptible to downy mildew

What are Navaho blackberries?
-upright growing
-good tasting and aromatic

The new Navaho summer blackberries have all these well-known properties - and now they finally ripen in the season when blackberries definitely taste best: in midsummer !


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