• Orchiata Power (9-12mm) 5lt

Orchiata Power (9-12mm) 5lt

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Ένα από τα κορυφαία υποστρώματα καλλιέργειας για Ορχιδέες.

Παράγεται στη Νέα Ζηλανδία από την καλύτερη ποιότητα 100% καθαρού φλοιού του Pinus radiata.

Με σκληρό και "σταθερό' φλοιό, μειώνει σημαντικά το χρόνο για τη μεταφύτευση της Ορχιδέας. Παρέχει σταθερή ενυδάτωση και ιδανικό κύκλο στεγνού-υγρού. 

Ιδανικός για νεαρές και ώριμες ορχιδέες με μέτριου μεγέθους ρίζες, όπως Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Odontoglossum, Dendrobium, Paphiopedilum. 

 AFP 49-53%, WHC 56,8%.



Orchiata is a unique and sustainable orchid-growing substrate produced from the finest 
quality, 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark.

Its solid bark particles are resistant to  chipping and composting, lengthening repotting time. Used by leading commercial orchid  growers to grow strong plants with resilient root systems.

Grade: 9-12mm

  • 100% natural aged bark. 
  • Solid bark particles resistant to chipping and composting.
  • Lengthens repotting time. 
  • Used by leading commercial orchid growers. 

Daltons Premium Orchiata Power (No.5) is ideal for orchids with medium-sized roots including:

  • Phalaenopsis 
  • Oncidium 
  • Odontoglossum 
  • Dendrobium 
  • Paphiopedilum

How to Use

  1. Place a thin layer of Orchiata in the bottom of the pot.
  2. Position the plant in the middle with the roots below the rim. 
  3. Gently place Orchiata around the roots without leaving any space. 
  4. Tap the pot lightly to settle. 
  5. Water directly onto Orchiata. 
  6. Use an orchid fertiliser at recommended rates.

This product is processed from a natural resource. If fungi from the Penicillium genus appears, it will not harm or damage plants.

Why Orchiata?

  • Orchid-friendly substrate known for superior quality.
  • During ageing, beneficial micro-organisms thrive; pathogens eliminated.
  • Outer bark holds water and nutrients; inner bark remains stable.
  • Uniform chip size ensures consistent hydration and longevity.
  • Promises unmatched performance for optimal orchid growth.
Saves Time & Money
  • Ready to use straight from the bag; no initial flushing needed.
  • pH balanced and doesn’t break down in the pot.
  • Beneficial micro-organisms resist pathogens for healthier roots.
  • Reduces repotting frequency and accelerates growth.
  • Offers potential labour cost savings and increased plant value.
  • Produced from sustainable and renewable resources.
  • Bark sourced from managed forests in New Zealand, ensuring sustainability.
  • 100% natural, organic and renewable New Zealand resource
  • Aged bark holds water and nutrients on outer surface
  • Ideal wet/dry cycle for orchids
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Very hard physical structure - will not compost
  • Ideal for both hobbyist and commercial growers
  • Use straight from the bag
  • pH 5.5 – 6.5
  • EC <0.3 mS/cm
  • Moisture <15%
  • Nitrogen fixed for stable EC
  • Uniform chip size in bag
  • Versatile, ideal growing media for a variety of orchid species


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