• Escobaria missouriensis 5.5cm
  • Escobaria missouriensis

Escobaria missouriensis 5.5cm



Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Escobaria missouriensis (Sweet) D.R.Hunt

Διάμετρος γλάστρας:5.5εκ



It’s a spherical cactus, with a beautiful dark green stem, in which the prominent conical tubercles, slightly pointed, are immediately noticeable.

At the top of each, from round white areoles, thin and straight radial spines sprout, bright white, sometimes tinged with brownish-reddish tips.

The central spines are not always present, but if they are they are always dark, thin and short. It’s a very interesting cactacea, it posseses an incredible resistance to temperatures much below 0 ° C, which is why it can easily be grown even in Northern Europe, where few other plants would resist outdoors.

What is most striking about Escobaria missouriensis is undoubtedly its large flower, of a very strange greenish-yellow color with pink or brown streaks, almost fluorescent and with pointed, extremely shiny fringed petals, as if they were made of silk.


  • It requires a lot of light throughout the year, however, avoid direct sunlight especially during the hottest hours of the day.
  • It is preferable to keep it at temperatures not below 0°C, for this reason it is recommended to shelter it during the winter period.
  • Water moderately only when the soil is completely dry. It is enough to water the plant once every two weeks in spring and summer, once every two months in autumn and suspend it completely in winter.
  • The perfect soil is a highly draining and porous one, for example a mixture of peat and pumice so that it does not stagnate the water.
  • They do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.


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