• Echeveria costarii 5.5cm - Ετσεβέρια
  • Echeveria costarii 5.5cm - Ετσεβέρια

Echeveria costarii 5.5cm



Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Echeveria costarii - Ετσεβέρια
Οικογένεια: Crassulaceae

Διάμετρος γλάστρας:5.5εκ


Really beautiful succulent with a typical compact and perfectly symmetrical rosette shape, formed by very fleshy leaves, elongated and pointed at the apex, extremely glossy.

The epidermis assumes a beautiful emerald green color, adorned along the margins by perfect thin lines of an intense red-violet, which tends to intensify with greater exposure to the sun.

What first stands out to the eyes of this plant is undoubtedly its symmetrical harmony, due not only to the shape of the foliage and rosette, but also to the combination of colors, which create, looking at Echeveria from above, a sort of perfect geometric design, useful, according to studies, to focus concentration and to create a kind of inner calm!


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