• Sedum multiceps 6.5cm
  • Sedum multiceps 6.5cm

Sedum multiceps 6.5cm


Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Sedum multiceps-  Σέντουμ
Οικογένεια: Crassulaceae

Διάμετρος γλάστρας:6.5εκ.



It is a small shrubby plant, which never exceeds ten centimeters in height, showing itself as a real miniature tree, perfect as a bonsai. It has a woody and glabrous main stem, which is strongly branched.

On top of each twig there are particular “tufts” of foliage, arranged in a rosette shape, each consisting of small elongated and thin leaves, which are, however, rather fleshy.

In summer, this succulent's charm is accentuated by small, star-shaped yellow flowers, which combine perfectly with the gray-green leaflets.


  • Most of the species prefer very bright places, however preferably sheltered from direct sunlight.
  • The lowest temperatures they resist vary a lot: some species withstand the tempretures down to 10 °C, others can resist the temperatures even down to -10 °C!
  • Water moderately only when the soil is completely dry. In winter, suspend watering. When placed outdoors, many species survive very well with only rainwater.
  • A suitable soil for succulents is fine, they do not require special requires (many species even grow in the cracks between the walls).
  • They do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.


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