• Sulcorebutia rauschii 8.5cm
  • Sulcorebutia rauschii 8.5cm

Sulcorebutia rauschii 8.5cm


Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Sulcorebutia rauschii
Οικογένεια: Cactaceae

Διάμετρος γλάστρας:8.5εκ.

Ιδιαίτερα όμορφοι μικρούς μεγέθους κάκτοι, εύκολοι στη συντήρησή τους.

Κατάλληλοι για εσωτερικούς και εξωτερικούς χώρους, ιδανικοί για συνθέσεις με άλλα παχύφυτα και κάκτους.


Small cactus with globose shape. The stem has shades ranging from dark green to purplish and it is made of tubercles. The areoles are woolly and white, from which come out small radial black thorns that cover the plant entirely. During the flowering period we can admire the beautiful pink or reddish flowers.


  • It requires an exposure to full sun, however in the hottest hours it is advisable to place it in shade.
  • It requires mild temperatures, it is advisable to shelter it when winter temperatures drop below 0°C.
  • In hot periods it is advisable to water moderately, on a weekly basis, in winter it is necessary to completely suspend watering, as long as the plant is very sensitive to rotting.
  • A well-draining and mineral-rich soil is an optimal solution. It's even better to add one layer of sand at the bottom of the pot, as it helps to avoid rotting.
  • They do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.


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