• Sphagnum Moss
  • Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss Premium 3lt



Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Sphagnum Moss  (1-15cm)


  • Ως υπόστρωμα για: ορχιδέες, σαρκοφάγα φυτά, επιφυτικά φυτά
  • Για σπορόφυτα
  • Για  Terrarium
  • Για moss pole
  • kokedama

   Έτοιμο για χρήση, ελαφρώς νωπό.
   Μεγάλη συγκράτηση νερού και αερισμός


This ready to use Sphagnum moss is very versatile. Use it as a hydroponic plant growing medium, add it to your orchid soil mix or use it in a false bottom layer for your terrarium. It is also a great propagation medium. You can even make a kokedama ball out of it!

   Ready to use
   Long strands (5-15cm)
   Great water retention & ventilation
   Harvested locally


Most sphagnum moss comes compressed, you have to hydrate it fully before use. Our sphagnum is ready to use and slightly damp! 


**Since live sphagnum is a natural product, sticks, twigs & leaves will be in the bag/net**



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