• Salvia Salgoon® 'Lake Garda' 17cm
  • Salvia Salgoon® 'Lake Garda' 17cm

Salvia Salgoon® 'Lake Garda' 17cm

Special Variety
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Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Salvia Salgoon® 'Lake Garda'- Σάλβια

Διάμετρος γλάστρας:17εκ, Ύψος:50-55εκ.

Μία ποικιλία Σάλβιας που είναι πραγματικά εξαιρετική!

Η σειρά Salgoon® προσφέρει εύρωστα φυτά με πολλά συμπαγή και καλά διαμορφωμένα άνθη.

Γνωστή για την αντοχή της στην ξηρασία και τη ζέστη, η Salgoon® ανθίζει συνεχώς από τις αρχές της άνοιξης έως τα τέλη του φθινοπώρου.

  • Αναπτύσσει πολλούς πλευρικούς βλαστούς και εξαιρετικά μακριά ανθισμένα στελέχη.
  • Αναπτύσσεται ομοιόμορφα και έχει πολύ έντονη ανθοφορία.
  • Προσελκύει επικονιαστές, πουλιά, μέλισσες και άλλα ωφέλιμα έντομα.
  • Εξαιρετική για φύτευση σε κήπους αλλά και διακοσμητικές γλάστρες.  



Colourful spikes waving in the wind, delicate scents, and the soothing sounds of buzzing and chirping…

Salvia brings a calming and relaxing vibe to any outdoor living space. It speaks to gardeners and landscapers who want to create low-maintenance, eco-friendly environments. With their natural colours and vertical textures Salvias offer a stylish twist on Mediterranean and cottage garden decors.

The garden performance of Salgoon® is truly exceptional.

This series offers sturdy and robust plants with many solid and well-packed flower spikes.

Known for its drought and heat tolerance, Salgoon® is continuously flowering from early spring to late autumn.

As Salgoon® can be grown quickly, it is one of the earliest Salvias to be available in garden centers from mid-spring onwards. Salvia plants bring instant excitement of liveliness in the garden, as Salvia is a true pollinator magnet.

  • The Salgoon® Series are fast flowering vigorous Salvia plants with many side shoots and with exceptionally long flowering stems.
  • Grows uniformly and has a heavy bloom set.
  • Attracts pollinators, birds, bees and other beneficial insects.
  • A great garden performer, but suits a big planter as well.

Why choose Salvia Salgoon

The Salvia family consists of over 900 species. Salvia Salgoon® is an interspecific hybrid – the result of our breeders combining the best genetic material of different Salvia species to create a series with unique characteristics. The Salgoon® Series truly makes a difference when it comes to garden performance. Each variety of the series forms strong, resilient plants with many firm, well-filled flower spikes. Salgoon® is known to be drought and heat tolerant, and flowers profusely from spring to frost. 

The Salgoon® Series contains a spectacular range of colours, varying from deep purple to lavender, blue and pink. Due to Salgoon®’s dark green foliage and contrasting calyxes, these vibrant colours stand out even more. 


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