• Rubus 'Naschmich'® bio 13cm
  • Rubus 'Naschmich'®
  • Rubus 'Naschmich'®

Rubus 'Naschmich'® bio 13cm


Σμέουρο κόκκινο (Schlaraffia®)

Γλάστρα:13εκ, Ύψος:40-45εκ.

Rubus idaeus 'Naschmich'®

Who can resist with such a yield!?

Με μέγιστο ύψος τα 150εκ. και βλαστούς κοντούς και ισχυρούς, αποτελεί εξαιρετική επιλογή και για καλλιέργεια σε γλάστρες.

Η ωρίμανση ξεκινά νωρίς από τα τέλη Ιουλίου και η παραγωγή του φυτού είναι πολύ μεγάλη. Οι καρποί είναι μεγάλοι σε μέγεθος και εξαιρετικοί σε γεύση.

Ποικιλία χωρίς αγκάθια που καρποφορεί σε βλάστηση τρέχουσας χρονιάς.

Το σμέουρο είναι πλούσιο σε βιταμίνες και οργανικά οξέα , έχει διουρητικές, καθαρτικές, στυπτικές και καθαρτικές ιδιότητες και ανακουφίζει από τα συμπτώματα της ναυτίας, τους πόνους της γέννας και τη διάρροια.

Είναι αντιοξειδωτικό και προστατεύει τα κύτταρα από την καταστροφική δράση των ελευθέρων ριζών. Βοηθά στην αντιμετώπιση του καταρράκτη, των κρυωμάτων, της δυσεντερίας, της γρίπης, των αιμορροΐδων, της αιμορραγίας της μήτρας, των τραυμάτων, των στομαχικών διαταραχών.


The Schlaraffia® raspberries have the same yield strength as most Primeberry® varieties, but only a maximum height of 150 cm.

Due to these comparatively short, but stable and upright shoots, the Schlaraffia® can be cultivated well in a container, like the Lowberry® raspberries, or they can be used in an informal planting, as medium-high structure plants that also bear delicious fruit .

Schlaraffia® 'Naschmich®' is one of those irresistible varieties. As an autumn raspberry, ripening starts particularly early at the end of July and is not far removed from the Lowberry® raspberries.

'Naschmich®' has a fairly concentrated and short harvest window of just a few weeks. In this short time, an extraordinary yield comes together. The very large, dark red fruits have a pleasantly round taste that doesn't offend anyone.



  • Upright growth with strong, thornless canes
  • Huge fruits at the end of the cane. Easy to pick
  • Concentrated very early harvest, 2nd half of July and first half of August
Profile of autumn raspberry Schlaraffia® Naschmich
Culture: Autumn raspberry, bears on 1-year-old canes
Ripening time: One of the earliest autumn raspberries next to and after Lowberry® Little Sweet Sister; comparatively very concentrated harvest time 2nd half of July to mid-August
Fruits: Very large conical raspberry cones that remain the same size throughout the entire harvest season
Growth: Upright, stable, the canes largely stand on their own, so can also be cultivated without scaffolding
Breeding: Lubera breeding ®

The commandment that you shall not tempt me is consistently ignored by this new Schlaraffia® raspberry.

Firstly, Schlaraffia® Naschmich ripens incredibly early; apart from Lowberry® Little Sweet Sister, it is the earliest ripe autumn raspberry in our range. It's no wonder that the gardening lover's mouth is still watering without raspberries.

Secondly, Schlaraffia® Naschmich - there is no other way to put it - stands in the way of the gardener so defiantly, proudly and lushly bearing fruit that he cannot resist the temptation under any circumstances. The tight, upright ones. Largely self-standing canes (with few branches, thornless), with the top 30-40cm of growth full of huge raspberry fruits, stand there as if they were calling out to the gardener: "Take me at last, I want to be eaten and enjoyed. Now!"

And thirdly? You can snack on as much Schlaraffia® Naschmich as you want, there is still more than enough fruit left to freeze and process. Because this variety is particularly well suited for this with its large, concentrated harvest.
Schlaraffia® Naschmich bears huge, conical fruits, in our Lubera® range only Primeberry® Malling Happy® is slightly larger, the taste is round and good, with sugar and fruit acid, but without offending anywhere, with a nice raspberry aroma on the finish. Neither 'sour' nor sweet fruit lovers will find anything wrong with Schlaraffia® Naschmich.

Snack me tomorrow... - how to delay autumn raspberries
Of course, the concentrated harvest of Snack me is an advantage, and can be used especially by gardening friends and fruit lovers who, in addition to the daily enjoyment (for the 'crazy', so to speak), also have one If you want to freeze a large amount of fruit or process it straight away.

But how should you proceed if you still want a second burst of fruit ripening from mid-August to the end of September? To do this, simply cut a third of the growing young rods back to 5cm stubs around the end of May. This has a double effect: 1. The remaining young canes grow even faster, flower earlier and the harvest is therefore even earlier. 2. Due to the pruning, new young rods develop from the base and side shoots, which then bear fruit in August and into September. Schlaraffia® Naschmich also has the ability to produce a stable fruit size throughout the entire harvest period and even on later developed canes, which means that the fruits hardly become smaller over time.


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