• Phalaenopsis 'Mymonro Makeup'

Phalaenopsis 'Mymonro Makeup'

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Γλάστρα 12εκ, ύψος: 45εκ.
Αριθμός ανθοφόρων: 2, Χρώμα άνθους: ροζ
Ελάχιστος αριθμός ανθέων: 13
Κατηγορία Ποιότητας: A1 (Best).

MyMonro stands for a wealth of flowers. Lovely, large flowers grace elegant, compact spikes. Each flower appears to want to draw all the attention in its own way. Addicted to attention as they are, they try to seduce their surroundings almost voluptuously. Top temptation.