• Mammillaria pseudoperbella 6.5cm
  • Mammillaria pseudoperbella

Mammillaria pseudoperbella 6.5cm


Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες


Mammillaria pseudoperbella Quehl
Συνώνυμα: Mammillaria perbella Hildm. ex K.Schum.
Οικογένεια: Cactaceae

Origin and Habitat: Central Mexico (This species has a fairly large area of distribution in Mexico: from the state of Querétaro across central Mexico to the state of Oaxaca on the Pacific coast.)

Description: Simple or dichotomicously branched (occasionally ramifies, producing a few basal shoots) with short dense spines.

Notes: This is one of the Mammillaria commonly called "Owl Eye Cactus", known for dichotomous branching (forking or dividing into two parts). Although dichotomous branching is not a common occurrence in cacti in general, it happens for some reason in this particular species. What is interesting about this cactus is that it began as a single head, one head became two, and so on.

Cultivation and Propagation: This plant is easy to cultivate but very slow growing. Cultivate it in a well- drained and mineral substratum. Water regularly, avoid the use of peat or other humus sources in the potting mixture. It needs full sun, so it keeps a compact and flat shape. It does not tolerate intense cold but tolerates some cold if kept dry. Frequent transplantations of the young plants protect the lower part of the stem from the lignification, to which the plant has a tendency.