• Magnolia 'Fairy Blush'® 19cm
  • Magnolia 'Fairy Blush'® 19cm
  • Magnolia 'Fairy Blush'® 19cm

Magnolia 'Fairy Blush'® 19cm


Γλάστρα:19εκ, Ύψος:60εκ.

Magnolia michelia 'Fairy Blush'® - Μανόλια

Αποστολή μόνο με πρακτορείο μεταφορών.

Hailing from New Zealand, the Fairy Magnolias® are new varieties, which have already made a splash in the gardening world.

They are quickly becoming a favourite of gardeners and landscapers thanks to a compact size, dense foliage and long lasting blooms, which appear throughout the entirety of spring.

Raised by the New Zealand breeder Mark Jury (who also brought us Magnolia Black Tulip), this wonderful magnolia produces an abundance of cream flowers along the length of its stems in spring.

Unlike many of the other spring-flowering types, the foliage of this magnolia is mainly evergreen, although it may shed its leaves in colder winters.

It makes a fine stand-alone specimen, especially in smaller gardens where its compact form will not dominate, while its naturally bushy habit makes it ideal for creating an informal screen.

A stunning addition that is easy to care for, reasonably fast growing and will start to produce its lightly scented flowers on young plants.

Flowering period: March to May, then off and on until September