• Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra' 15cm
  • Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra' 15cm
  • Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra'
  • Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra'
  • Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra'
  • Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra'
  • Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra'
  • Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra'

Kalmia angustifolia 'Rubra' 15cm

Special Variety
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Παράδοση: 1-3 ημέρες

Kalmia angustifolia f.rubra - Κάλμια
(Red Sheep Laurel)

Διάμετρος γλάστρας: 15εκ, Ύψος:30εκ.

Ιδιαίτερης καλλωπιστικής αξίας ποικιλία Κάλμιας με πληθώρα μικρών, βαθυκόκκινων ανθέων από νωρίς το Καλοκαίρι. Φύλλα ελλειπτικά, βαθυπράσινα που κάνουν ωραία αντίθεση με τα άνθη. 

Φτάνει σε ύψος τα 80-90εκ και προτιμά θέσεις με ημισκιά. 

Τοξικό αν καταναλωθεί.



Kalmia angustifolia f. rubra is a suckering evergreen shrub boasting a profusion of small, deep red bowl-shaped flowers in early to mid-summer.

Borne in dense terminal clusters, they contrast nicely against the foliage of oblong to elliptic, dark green leaves.

Red Sheep Laurel forms a well-developed and closely interlacing network of rhizomes, creating small thickets over time. Native to northeastern North America, Red Sheep Laurel can be used in naturalized areas, foundation plantings, or woodland gardens.

  • Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • Grows up to 30-90 cm and 120-180 cm wide.
  • Performs best in part shade in moist, acidic, well-drained soils. Avoid planting in windy sites.
  • Perfect for cottage gardens, woodlands, or naturalized areas.
  • No serious pest or disease issues. Keep an eye out for mealybugs and vine weevil.
  • Prune immediately after flowering.
  • Propagate by semi-hardwood cuttings.
  • All parts of this plant are toxic if ingested.
  • Toxic to dogs, toxic to cats, toxic to horses.