• Escallonia 'Pink Elle'®
  • Escallonia 'Pink Elle'®
  • Escallonia 'Pink Elle'®
  • Escallonia 'Pink Elle'®
  • Escallonia 'Pink Elle'®

Escallonia 'Pink Elle'® 17cm


Escallonia laevis Pink Elle ('Lades'PBR) EU 35819 - Εσκαλόνια

Διάμετρος γλάστρας:17εκ, Ύψος:25-30εκ.

Βραβευμένη ποικιλία (RHS Award of Garden Merit).

This is one showy plant!

Pink Elle produces nice pink flowers in summer. The leaves are dark green and very healthy.

Can stand full sun and shadow. Also very nice as a balcony plant. Pink Elle is winterhardy.

    Escallonia have always been known as great landscaping plants, but were often seen as the ‘ugly sister’, and certainly never planted as a specimen plant. They were always planted where they weren’t intended to be noticed and never expected to be decorative, only functional.

    ‘Pink Elle’ is certainly not an ugly sister, it’s more like cinderella, and she shall come to the ball! Sprays of pretty pink flowers with an apple blossom effect appear in the summer, and then again in the autumn, and are bigger than the usual Escallonia sprays. This is one showy plant!

    How was this plant created?
    The wonderful ‘Pink Elle’ was found in Brittany by nurseryman Ludovic Ladan. His nursery is located near the Pointe du Raz, an unforgiving coastal location on the very tip of France, and a spot where New York is the next city to the west.


    To say the least, this is a windy exposed spot, and the nursery needs hedging to act as a windbreak against the elements. Ludovic planted a range of different Escallonia as part of an informal hedge, and soon some seedlings were popping up along the pathways in the nursery, thanks to Mother Nature!


    These seedlings started to represent something very different; more resilient plants, which didn’t look gnarled and rough, but actually pretty and delicate, yet they were living in such hostile conditions.


    Ludovic took some cuttings and the plant soon went for trial, and many people were shocked at the flowering performance of those plants.


    The plants were also remarkably disease resistant. Ludovic knew he has something very different.


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