• Choisya 'Goldfingers'® 15cm
  • Choisya 'Goldfingers'® 15cm
  • Choisya 'Goldfingers'® 15cm
  • Choisya 'Goldfingers'® 15cm
  • Choisya 'Goldfingers'® 15cm

Choisya 'Goldfingers'® 15cm

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Choisya Goldfingers ('Limo'PBR) EU 5554 - Χοϊσύα

Διάμετρος γλάστρας: 15εκ, Ύψος:15-20εκ.

Ποικιλία  με υπέροχα μακρόστενα χρυσοκίτρινα φύλλα. Έχει το χρώμα της Choisya ‘Sundance’ και τη μορφή της Choisya ‘Aztec Pearl’.

Μέγιστο ύψος 120εκ, κατάλληλο για θέσεις με ήλιο ή ημισκιά. Ιδανικό είτε για μεμονωμένη φύτευση, είτε για μπορντούρες.

Δείχνει εξαιρετικό και σε διακοσμητικές γλάστρες.

Ανθεκτική ποικιλία έως -18 °C, μπορεί να κλαδευτεί το καλοκαίρι σε ύψος 20εκ.

Κλαδέψτε τα φυτά την άνοιξη αμέσως μετά την ανθοφορία, αφαιρώντας 25-30εκ από τα ανθισμένα στελέχη. Αυτό ενθαρρύνει μία δεύτερη ανθοφορία στα τέλη του καλοκαιριού και το φθινόπωρο.

Ευρωπαϊκό P.B.R - Προστατευόμενη ποικιλία, ο πολλαπλασιασμός χωρίς άδεια απαγορεύεται αυστηρά.


A Choisya with long narrow golden/yellow leaves.

Goldfingers has the colour of the well-known Sundance and the form of Aztec Pearl.

This Mexican Orange Blossom becomes approx. 120 cm high and 60 cm wide.

Forming a bushy, rounded dome that offers year-round interest, this evergreen shrub is laden with slender, golden foliage.

The leaves are at their most luminous when they first emerge (and they will become greener in shadier spots), but they still offer a bright shot of colour, and therefore can be used either as a focal point, or as an accent in a sea of green.

In late spring and early summer, small creamy white flowers appear, and these have a sweet perfume that drifts through the air - so try to plant it near a seating area or pathway if possible.

This shrub is hardy to -18 °C and can be pruned in the summer to a height of 20 cm.

Prune established plants in spring immediately after flowering, removing 25-30cm (10-12in) of the flowered stems. This encourages a second flush of flowers in late-summer and autumn.

European P.B.R - Protected variety, propagation without license is strictly forbidden.


Choisya name was chosen in honour of Swiss botanist Jacques Denis Choisy (1799-1859), and the hybrid was named choisya x dewitteana (official approval of new botanical name pending).

It was bred by Peter More from England and the very first variety from 1989 was called Aztec Pearl. 

Possibly every plant is capable of creating its gold-leaved mutation. No wonder Peter Moore helped choisya with this process when crossing choisya ternata Sundance with choisya arizonica pollen.

It was named GOLDFINGERS and was registered in 1998 i.e. 14 years before Hillier Nurseries introduced their own gold-leaved choisya Aztec Gold in 2012. European patent No. 5554 was issued in 2000.

The hybrid was sold predominantly in England, where it was among the top ten best selling plants for 20 years, later in the Netherlands and France, and now in Italy where it battles with the original c. ternata.

Only recently it was introduced to slightly colder parts of Europe as it proved to be hardier than older varieties of cherry laurels and photinias which had a problem during the cold winter of 2010, and a few more afterwards.

So far it survived -23 °C without any damage which makes it hardy to USDA zone 6.


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