• Capi Egg planter stone ivory

Capi Egg stone ivory 14cm


This handmade indoor planter has a new design with a stone texture. This special ‘Stone’ texture is inspired by nature, as a result of which the plant and the planter blend nicely together.

The texture gives the effect of small pieces of stone that have been joined together. The relief on this planter enhances this look.

Each pot in the Nature Stone series is handmade and therefore unique with a high level of finishing. The pots are produced and finished with great attention to detail.




New design

Capi Nature Stone is a new model in Capi’s indoor range with a complete pattern that makes these flowerpots real eye-catchers.

The Stone pattern is composed of small elongated stones, the relief of which brings them to life in your home.

The difference in colours gives the pots an extra-natural effect.

As the name Stone implies, this pattern is based on stone, in this case a combination of small pebbles.


Μέγιστη διάμετρος: 14εκ
Διάμετρος ανοίγματος: 12,5εκ
Ύψος: 12,5εκ